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Well kids, it's that time of the week!

SO, surprisingly enough I'm having a really, really good week.

Sunday I skipped all of the dance stuff that I could have gone to and just took the day off. It felt SO good and really refreshed me. Granted, I taught one private lesson, but those are always relaxing, so it wasn't a big deal. Robert and I went to see "Paradise Lost" - the opera. I was a little disappointed - it wasn't actually the story of Milton's "Paradise Lost." BUT it was a techno/electronica opera and that was awesome. The lead singer woman was amaaazing. She was SO good. Apparently it's eventually going to go to broadway, or at least that's what they're hoping for. I believe the guy said something about martial arts, anime, and large robotic remote-controlled wings (the characters are all angels).

On Monday we had this huge Chinese department New Year Celebration, where all the classes came out and performed songs or skits in a big "talent show" where everyone was declared winners and then rewarded with a lot of dumplings. Yum. It was pretty exciting for me. I definitely feel like I never did the whole "Chinese students" scene because I got so involved with BLAST, and to some extent I got to glimpse that community. It's a little late now to get more involved with it, but at least I feel like I'm somewhat participatory through my Chinese language classes. I loved watching the first year students' skits - they're so enthusiastic about the language still, and it's inspiring.

Tuesday was great - I went with Andy and his friend Stephen (Steven?) to U of chicago for their tango classes. The instructor's English was soooo poor. WAY worse than my Spanish. I think. Actually, at this point in time they're probably pretty equivalent. At any rate, he ended up teaching the lesson half in Spanish, and I understood everything. That was exciting for me :o) After the lesson we went out to an Irish bar on Addison and had a drink. I had my first Strongbow. Yummy.
The real Highlight of my day Tuesday was the fact that Xixi sent me a dozen roses and two SAI girls who sang to me and woke up my suitemates. That was sooo sweet of her. And then when I got back from tango she had brought both Kevin and I bubble tea from Joyee's. I love you, Xixi!
Basically, it was the most eventful and nice Valentine's Day since Eric paid me a surprise visit way back in 2004.
Of course me going out meant I hadn't finished studying by the time midnight rolled around. Basically I got about 3 hours of sleep, and ended up writing the large majority of my paper between about 3:30 and 6 am. I was determined to finish before the sun came up, and I accomplished that handily. I'm reading it now though, and well.. it blows. It needs a LOT of work before I can turn it in tomorrow.

Today has been nice as well. I got a package from Amy today with an ENORMOUS Hershey bar in it. I'm really excited for it.

In other news, I've been trying to learn some German.. or at least understand the basic grammatical structures behind it. I've been trying to get in 20 minutes every night. I just have a book though, so it makes it harder to know what stuff actually is supposed to sound like. It really excites me to be studying a new language though. I'd love to gain proficiency in both Russian and German in the next five years if I can.

The Northwestern Ballroom Classic planning is coming a lot. March is really going to be my crunch month. But Registration opens this Saturday. I'm really pumped. things are happening. I'm still trying to harass people for money. It's amazing...NU has an ENORMOUS endowment fund, and everyone at this damn place is so tight with money. It's driving me crazy. I guess I just need to harangue them more.

The one thing that REALLy made my day today was when Paul told me that he finally got together the Last Lecture series for UC Davis. I don't know if anyone remembers the Last Lecture that I used to organize before people let it die last year when I was abroad. At any rate, the news was so, so exciting for me. That event used to really energize me and make me feel so good about Northwestern and giving back to the school a little in providing some neat programming for people. And even if it isn't happening here at NU anymore, I'm really excited that Paul took the initiative to make it happen at his school, and keep the inspiration and excitement going. So Paul.. you're awesome. Congratulations!

WELL, I guess that's it from me for now. I know I had way more that i wanted to talk about, but it's all blurring together into the Elton John song that I'm listening to right now.
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