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Last night I went out to a club with Robert, Robert, Will, Kevin, Grant, Erin, Shayla and Willy. It was sooo fun. Man. And they really did have a pole! Two of them, as a matter of fact. It was kind of ridiculous - the ratio of guys to girls. I was amazed at how many guys just stood there.. watchin the skanky people dancing on the wall and on the poles. Anyway, Robert and I busted it down and then Grant and I did some kind of pseudo salsa-merengue-hustle toward the end. It felt good to just let it loose. It's always interesting to me to see how club dancing and ballroom dancing relax me in different ways. I actually find that I'm much more invigorated after club dancing, mostly because it takes a lot less thinking. I can just close my eyes and feel the music and move. I love that I can find so many people to go out with who don't feel self-conscious about themselves but just bust it out with friends.
The only crappy part was taht we had to stand outside for an hour before they let us in because they were "at capacity" which was retarded because I've been to clubs in Spain that were WAY more packed than that. Oh well.

Welps, back to my responsibilities. I have a bunch more fundraising letters to write since everyone is turning me down. Oh and I'm eating ice cream for breakfast. :o) I got like 5 hours of sleep, that's pretty good! One for every hour of dancing I have today. Then I'll have an hour break before I go to the opera with Kevin and Steph. I thought I might go to Latin Street Dancing tonight too, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to come back and do a ton of reading and organizational stuff and start a paper or two.
Tags: ballroom, friendship, northwestern
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