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I'm sick, exhausted, losing weight, but despite all this I'm as full of energy and enthusiasm for the competition as ever. Some people have said "oh, what you're doing is way bigger than what I'm working on." But to me, their tasks seem much more difficult. I guess my point is that when you really have a passion for something, it no longer feels like work. You can put more and more time into it everyday and yet you never tire of working on it. It sustains you, gives you something to wake up for, to look forward to.

This is how you know you're in love with what you're doing.

Thank goodness this is the last week of classes though. I missed my first class today since sophomore year. I tried soo hard to get up for Chinese class but I just couldn't do it. I sent my prof an e-mail and went back to sleep for an hour. I did go to the rest of them though - I refuse to miss Milton! The other day we finished Paradise Lost, which we had been working on for 5 weeks. My professor's voice actually broke and he teared up as he read the closing lines. That, my friends, is how you know your professor loves what he's teaching. It's so inspiring to see.

Well I need to get dressed and then put on some weight in the dining hall now. Also do some homework..
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