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Presenting your daily update!

Soooooo tired!
About to shower, then get started on work for the night. Still haven't kicked the sore throat, although it's really just more of an extraordinarily annoying cough than anything else at this point. Oh, and I've got a sniffle added on to it. Phooey!

Turned my paper in today. Got my first final over with, which also marks the end of the last of my official Medill classes. Craaaaziness. I'm happy though, I think. Some part of me wants to turn around and run back and take magazine editing and print media and design all over again, but the sane part of me is just going to put it all behind me. I can't believe I actually have to learn everything I want to know about journalism from a REAL JOB now. Scary.

I also had my last day of Milton. It was sad. I love the class so much. I love Professor Sucich. If I had to write a thesis, I would do it on Milton just so I could spend more time with him. It's not that I'm in love with him persay, I just love the way his enthusiasm infects the entire class and the way he 's so clearly moved by Milton's work and poetry.. it's inspiring. *big sigh*

Lisa's has become my local hang-out. I like it. I socialize there. I drink coffee and schmooze. Mostly I just like to be somewhere other than my room doing work, and it's hard to screw around when everyone else can see whether or not you're screwing around. hehe.

So I guess today's lesson with Kris was the last one of the quarter. The last one with me as competition team captain, actually. Next quarter Xixi and Michael will be taking over Diana and my positions. Very exciting! Alright, I really have nothing else good to say, nor can I b.s. anything because I'm completely out of juice here. And yet I need to make up a thesis for my 20th century lit class. This should be.. interesting.
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