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I've had such a great day today.

I turned in my thesis and bibliography for my 20th cent lit paper, and got it all approved. And then I met with a lady at CPS who is going to help put together everything logistically on her end so that I can put things together on my end, and make this whole thing actually happen.
After that I went to the Art Institute and wandered for a while, sketched a little, and looked at a lot of architecture stuff, including the designs and blueprints for the new wing. It looks really exciting :o) So that was nice, and I felt very relaxed and unwound, which I needed.

I did some further relaxing by going to Cafe Mud with Pascal and just hanging out for a couple hours. My favorite spot is that red couch up on the "stage" that you totally sink into. Thanks to Sahal for introducing me to it :D And although I meant to go to sleep at midnight, I ended up getting into a great late-night conversation. So now I'm happy and fulfilled and excited about tomorrow and all the things it can hold.

The only crappy thing is that I'm still sick. But I have nothing due tomorrow - althought I have plenty to DO - so I'm going to try and sleep in. Yay! That is all.
Tags: ballroom, friendship, leadership, northwestern
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