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So much for being healthier.
My throat defiiinitely hurts today again. Boooo. Not happy. But I guess I only got 6 hours of sleep, which is a lot for me, but not a lot for a sick person.

So last night was an adventure. I signed up for the first Countdown to Commencement activity put on by the Alumni Association here at NU, and it was called "Bartending for the Home Entertainer." I figured hey, it's probably a seminar-type thing, they'll show us how to make stuff, we might get to taste one. How wrong I was.
The first thing they do when they start is give us a Long Island Iced Tea. For those of you who don't know, the Long Island Iced Tea has all of the white liquors in it - vodka, gin, scotch, triple sec aaand there was one more that I can't recall now. Plus a tiny bit of coca cola for color. She then showed us how to open a wine bottle. I believe her exact words were "Stick it in and screw." And then she showed us some basic drinks like.. things we could mix with vodka. the Gin and tonic. A screwdriver. Scotch. And then she said "now you guys come up here and make at least two!"
Next was the margarita lesson. Which they started off by giving us a Bahama Mama. Dur. So yeah, she then showed us how to make Mai Tais, Margaritas, Tequila Sunrises, Manhattans and Cosmopolitans. And then she let us at it.

Basically what I'm saying is that I ended up having four drinks. It was like being at an open bar, where we were serving ourselves.
I was sooo flushed by the end - stupid asian genes - but I had a great time. Especially since I got to see people there that I didn't know were going. And the whole thing probably had like 60 people there :o) Plus we got mini cocktail shakers. Welcome to the world of being 21.

Okay, so this event ends at around 9:45. And then I walk over to Plex for swing practice at 10:30. Both Steph and I were pretty much really tipsy. I mean.. I danced. I got through the piece. But it was all a big fuzzy haze. My poor choreographer. The upside is that when I came back from practice I was totally sober and for some reason had ALL this energy. I ended up coming up with all this great stuff I wanted to talk about in my Milton paper, and so wrote like a page before crashing in bed.
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