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I realize I'm posting an obscene amount lately, but it's because updating is my only way of taking a break.
It was weird, I woke up this morning and felt awful, but then shortly after I hit an amazing stride with my Milton paper, and finished it up by 2. I'm feeling much, much calmer now. The end is so close, I think it's really one of those things where if it gets done it gets done. And I'll have done as well as I can with it. Mostly I know exactly what I need to take care of and do to get everything done. And it's literally impossible. I may just take the lower grade in my American Literary Traditions class since I haven't read two of the books for that final anyway, and I'm much more "on the edge" with postmodern fiction than ALT.

At any rate, I've been rocking out to random top 40 all day thanks to the iTunes radio. If I'm going to be clubbing every weekend next quarter (hehee... :P) I gotta know what I'm dancin to. There's also some really nice R&B ballads out right now. aw, I love sappy music. Although it doesn't mean the same thing now that I don't have the chance to do the white man's wobble with anyone and haven't for a while actually. I miss 8th grade. *sigh* just kidding.
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