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T -9 hours

So in 9 hours I should be completely done with my quarter

I finished my 20th c Lit paper.. it sucks and it needs another edit, but that will happen this afternoon after I take my American Literary Traditions final
I went to sleep at like.. 4:45ish, so I got in a good hour and a half of sleep. It's actually pretty amazing what just that amount can do for you in terms of clarity of mind and all that stuff. not that I would describe my head as being particularly clear right now, but it's better than it has been.

The sun is just coming up now, tinging the world all shades of soft lit pinks and purples and a clear calm blue. There's a steady breeze already. I can see the trees waving in rhythm to it. I love the way the light illuminates squares on the building, just for a moment glowing bright orange before fading. In a minute you've missed it already. I wish someone would run down to the beach with me in this moment, bundled up against the chill, to throw our arms to the world and watch the sun lift above the lake in each other's eyes. Only I stay and imagine the source of the light whose reflection off of the world streams back to me in ten thousand shades of warmth.

I turn away, turn to my books and begin to prepare for the hours ahead.

[edit 14:11] fuck I'm tired.
and apparently my mouth gets dirtier when I haven't slept :o(

[edit 20:07] I am awesome.
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