Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Already gone

What a couple days of rest can do for you :o)
Coffee at Peet's w/ my dad was sooo nice. I felt so calm and got a chance to hear about all the challenges his company is dealing with in China. They've got a whole different honor system over there, it's really crazy. After that I sat in a lawn chair on my driveway and read back issues of Scientific American.

My mom has been encouraging me to apply for internships abroad, so now that I've got some downtime I'm going to actually update my resume for this year and start building cover letters. It would be pretty cool to work in Europe over the summer. Or even if I could find something in Europe for the fall, that would be neat too. I guess we'll see. Chances are I'll end up just hanging out around here. I guess my original plans to do that seem less cool after hearing about everyone else's exciting plans. Heh. Ah, the grass is always greener...

Today I'm completing my escapism by going into Yosemite till Monday evening. Can't wait to get away even though it'll be cold there. You can expect a long descriptive passage of my utterly tranquil weekend after I get back. This spring break is so weird because there's literally nobody around, also nobody's talking because they're all having final exams this week. Alrighty, I'm off!
Tags: about cs, family, languages, leadership
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