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spring break in E-town

I've been living in Steph's place for about 4 days now, and it's a really comfortable room but I'm looking forward to getting back to the Loft. You can only live in someone else's room for so long before you start to feel like some kind of usurper.

This entire week I've been inclined sharply toward being anti-social. What's the noun for that anyway? anti-sociability? anti-socialism <-- that one means something else, I think. Anyway, Steph's housemates are very nice but I often retreat to Steph's room to hide, emerging only to make myself food and eat it while watching Arrested Development. I finally watched Serenity last night though. What a brilliant film. Man.. Firefly needs to come back. Although really, I feel like everything that had tension in it in Firefly got resolved with Serenity, so I feel pretty satisfied with the way things stand in that whole universe right now. I managed to find some time to do a lot of reading including "Citizen of the Galaxy" by Heinlein and "Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang" by Kate Wilhelm. Now I'm working on Saul Bellow's "Ravelstein." They're all very philosophical reads of varying tacts and I find it's a lot to all be taking in at once.

Over the past few days I've gotten quite a bit done though, including putting together the large majority of the program for the competition, straightening out things with our judges, working on the budget, organizing heats, and trying to come up a good flyer.

Tomorrow will be making photocopies of said flyer, trying to get businesses to post them, moving back into the Loft, teaching a lesson and getting straightened out for my classes on MONDAY (yikes!) I was informed of a woman named Alice Medrich today - apparently she has a shop in Berkeley called Cocolat, and does incredible things with chocolate. Definitely somethin I need to check out. What reminds me of this is the fact that I found this bag of Dove dark chocolate squares in my desk drawer when I was home for break and I've eaten about 11 of them so far in the past few hours. So yes, my leg won't seem to stop shaking. it's soo good though. mmm.. chocolate....
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