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It's sunny today! I can't write for too long because I need to be in class in an hour and I still have a few things I'd like to get done first. But wow, it's actually happening! I guess I didn't even believe it until just now - but the ballroom competition is finally coming together, after three months of slaving. You know, I have had this nagging fear that on the day of the event, I'll be so relieved it's happening that I won't even be able to enjoy it. But Dan said to me "it'll be better, you'll be proud." And I realized that I already am proud. Not just of myself, but of all the people on my team who have helped me pull this sucker together. It's the first time I've allowed myself to admit that maybe I did a decent job, and that I shouldn't be so hard on myself. So, well, for the first time this week I'm really, really looking forward to Saturday. Not because it's the last day before I reclaim my life, but because Saturday will be the culmination of all the ways I've challenged myself last quarter and this year, and it signals the beginning of the end of my involvement with BLAST and dancing here at Northwestern. I wrote a really sappy speech for Saturday afternoon to say before the "Having a Ball" kids dance at 2 pm, and I can't wait.
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