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It's over, it's actually over. What more do I have to live for? I experienced an intense moment of panic Sunday morning when I realized the one thing I've been living and breathing for the past 3.5 months is just...over. It's like some kind of break-up - one with a glorious, glorious ending. So maybe not so much like a break-up after all.

The event went better than I ever could have expected. There was one minor hitch that I took care of smoothly and immediately and there were no other problems. There's also a really nice article in the Daily Northwestern about it. The kids performed beautifully and were a great hit with the audience. They got a standing ovation, and we gave them special purple "champion" ribbons. They also took a tour of the campus, got free Domino's pizza, and did a little workshop. So fun, sooo cute. During the general dances, they were even asking college kids to get out on the floor and dance with them! I think everyone had a great time and it was incredibly rewarding to see the whole team pull together. We got all the chairs stacked and away in half the amount of time it took us to put them up. Oh, and NU also won the team match and alot of the fun dances (I got to dance ATango with Sahal and WC Swing w/ Andy, and we all won them). hehe. Afterward we went to Nicole's for her party and hung out with BLAST-ies and some other people, which was really lovely. Then I fell asleep on her sofa and Robert and Steph (you wonderful people) practically carried me out and down to the car.

One of the best parts, aside from the enormous group hug that the team gave me after I made my closing remarks, was having my mom there for the event. She was my cheerleader for the past three months, always there for advice and encouragement, always pointing me in the direction of the right things to focus on and helping out all day at the actual event. Of course my friends love her :D The Loft + Lindsey came to cheer me on, as well as my aunt and uncle. There were just so many people who threw their energy into making it all happen, so much love and dedication, and the overwhelming feeling of gratitude is everywhere in me. To have started this event has made my experience with BLAST everything it ever could have been. I am totally and completely happy, even this gray weather can't get me down. I've done what I believe I came to Northwestern to do, and BLAST has given me the best day of my life.
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