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I'm supposed to go dance at Tech in 15 minutes to promote the show for BLAST, and I'm still in my pajamas right now, so I can't let this go on too long.

Our opening night show was amaaaazing. Everyone was SO on, and much, much better than anything had gone in dress rehearsals. There was a moment of panic when it was 10 minutes before we were supposed to start and Dyer still hadn't gotten in from work, but he finally arrived on time, and performed marvelously. It's actually super nice only being in one piece because after I perform I just sit in back and enjoy the show, and think about how talented and amazing all of my fellow BLASTies are.
After the show last night, Robert, Steph and I went clubbing at a place called The Apartment. It was reaaally cool - there's a "living room" with sofas, and a "bedroom" with beds you can sit on and a fireplace, and a "kitchen" and "bathroom" complete with a tub. The floor wasn't so crowded that we couldn't dance, but there werea good number of people there. Plus the people who were there were there to dance, not to sit around and "be seen." Also there weren't many sketchy people, since it's by DePaul, most of them were just out to havea great time, as opposed to pick people up for the night. In conclusion, I loooove going out clubbing with my favorite people. And we totally bust it down.

This weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately, which makes me really happy! Yay! Okay, time to go dance now. wheee
Tags: ballroom, friendship, northwestern
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