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Time to start some work, finally.
our Latin lesson tonight was AMAAAZING. We brought in Ula and Matt Rivers because our usual coach, Erwin, couldn't be around for this month. She worked us sooooo hard. My quads are killing me, but my samba is amazing. Who knew my hips could scoot so much? :D I stood in the shower for like 10 minutes just massaging my legs, knowing that tomorrow they will be sore. I also used to have a good set of abs from working them in Latin practice, but they're being covered with a layer of non-muscle. I can get them back though if I diligently practice the things that we learned tonight.

Afterward we went to Mud and I treated the few people from the comp committee who were there to drinkies and food. I <3 them. I love BLAST so much right now it's ridiculous. Sickening, really. The worst part of my day was walking home in whipping wind and cold rain. Yuuuuck.

I also went to the library and got a bunch of books for my Milton paper. I feel like I have SO much to learn still, and I really, REALLY want to come up with another draft by the end of this week. I still haven't answered the "so what?" question in it, and I desperately need to get some time to think about it. I'm looking forward to working on it. However, I've also told people that I'd go out dancing almost every night of the upcoming week. *shruggle* So goes Spring quarter, senior year. I'm really happy to be kicking back finally. And then I'm excited to start planning my roadtrip for this summer. hmm, so many exciting things happening.

The shows this weekend were really incredible. I felt SO great about the 10 pm run of Swing. It was like there was electricity running through the air - we were all ON and we could feel each other on the floor, like we were all connected, and we knew how great the run-through was. Exhilaration was in all of our faces as we came off the stage, all hugging and high-fiving each other. And David Klaus flew in for the weekend, and it was marvelous to see him. I can recall so many moments, either in the dressing room or watching the show from the back of McCormick Auditorium, when I just sat back and watched. Everyone so aware of themselves, primping and dressing and dancing, excited and high on being in the spotlight, and me just thinking how amazing they all were. It's odd though, I've already begun to feel the separation, the movement away, the distinct sense of passing on the fire and commitment to these other, remaining dancers. As if somehow by slowly fading away I could imbue them with the sense of ownership that makes BLAST continue. There's so much talent there, and the energy to make good on that talent.
So that was my last show. Perhaps slightly anticlimatic, but the energy and memory continues in my mind, untainted and beautiful. The smiles and laughter, the rhythm and heat, the cheers and hugs - these things are not forgotten. The people I've met and befriended in the past months, so many shared moments. I can't believe it.
*sigh* Well, I'm sure there will be many other sappy entries such as this one. For now though, a short nap. Then work.
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