Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
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My computer died! But it's back now, thanks to my genius brother. I probably owe him like $8,000 worth of electronics that he has saved from death in one way or another at this point.

I've gone out social dancing both Monday and Tuesday night and maaan am I feeling it. I'm exhausted and clearly getting old. I guess it's pretty fun - it definitely pushes me and makes me concentrate in a way that I had totally forgotten about. Life is finally getting back to normal though. I'm teaching BLAST classes just one night a week, and kind of hanging out to take others here and there. But nothing I need to commit to, which is excellent. Also tonight is Malena's african dance show which is going to be AMAZING. And of course, there's always the matter of classes, which are also jogging along nicely. I decided not to tag along with the comp team to the Heartland Classic this weekend, in favor of going to take a Paella cooking class with Steph, seeing some family friends, and working a whole hell of a lot on my Milton paper, which has been sitting sad and forlorn in the corner. There's a large possibility that I'm done going out dancing for the rest of the week - I just can't handle this 2 am arrival time!
I'm teaching my LAST ballroom sampler class this quarter - it's so sad. I have a good group of people though, about 10-12, and if they all stick around we should be able to get a really nice class. The WC swing on the other hand, is HUGE. There's gotta be like 40 people in it. Okay, maybe more like 32, but still. It's ginormous.

My room is a mess, too. *sigh* life is good though, and the sun is shining. What more could I ask for?
Tags: cooking, family, technology, writing
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