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Five minutes before class and I've just jumped into the computer lab to check e-mail and find out the time of my graduation for my Aunt and Uncle. I finally finished my art project 20 minutes ago. I think I stippled enough to last me the rest of my life. The upside is that my piece looks really, really cool. Definitely the best work I've done in that class so far.

For our final project we have to do something that deals with one of the seven deadly sins. We get bonus points if our piece also deals with its counterpart. If anybody has ideas, let me know. I'm not sure what medium I want to work in yet, either.

I fell asleep on the bench outside of the art room for 40 minutes today before class. That was nice. I didn't even drool. Direct Marketing is definitely going to be a marathon though, not to mention Kris' standard class later tonight. I was standing in the classroom watching my professor teach us how to mat our artwork and I felt myself swaying slightly from side to side on the brink of falling asleep. Hehe, it was such an odd feeling.

Fortunately I haven't had any real contact with people yet today, because I'm sure I'm grouchy.

Okay, I gotta goooo...
Tags: ballroom, drawing, family, northwestern
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