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I had a horrible attack by allergies on Sunday, which led me to getting really sick all day yesterday. Fortunately, mi illa saved me by giving me her Nyquil, and I slept 13 hours last night. I think if I get a decent amount of rest tonight I'll be fine by tomorrow. Nyquil is amaaazing stuff. I'm also going to try and stay as much indoors as I can today.

Soo, life. Yesterday I walked out of my last undergraduate class ever, and on my way to CVS I saw underclassmen yelling hello's to each other, hugging, talking cheerfully on their way to class. Panic hit me suddenly - where had the time gone? I had wasted it! Everything had swum by me and I had missed it all!
But then I took some deep breaths, told myself to calm down. Reminded myself that the nature of time is that it passes, and continued on my way. I wonder if I haven't spent enough time reflecting yet. But I don't think that's what it is. I think there are a hundred new things that draw me forward to continue past this life at Northwestern and into my life yet to come.

For those of you who don't know, I have a boy. His name is Jack and he's.. well he's wonderful. We're both independent, adventurous. He's smart, makes me laugh, is slowly coming to understand me (and my craziness). We have a huge laundry list of things in common. I think he came along at just the right time too - now that dance is over, I actually have time to spend with him. Oh, and I met him salsa dancing at Green Dolphin Street of all places. We hit it off immediately and ended up talking for two hours instead of dancing. The rest, well, it's been good. And I'm very happy and comfortable with him. Funny what life will hand you when you're not looking for it.

I took Steph (my significant other) out to Bin 36 for dinner last night. It was so nice. I can't believe how far the two of us have come through and since Sevilla. I can't wait to travel with her this summer, and launch both of our lives on their new paths. How will I live without her nearby?

Well, these musings have been random but fruitful. Janet, I liked your most recent post and will probably continue to think about it for some time to come. I have to start signing up for senior week activities. I've been reticent to even look at the list, and I think it's a result of me wanting to stave off the good-byes and the end of the year. Two and a half weeks left with the best people at NU. *sigh* Let's hope I finish my final papers and projects early so I don't miss any of it.

I guess I'm out of words for now...
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