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Northwestern e-mail = suck

So I've been having trouble getting into my e-mail / logging in anywhere with my netID today. So I went in and changed the password, which was great. No problems there! But then I try to get into my e-mail again, and I still can't. I send an e-mail to myself, and it gets bounced back.
Now I'm really confused.

Finally I call NUIT, after futzing around for a half hour trying to figure out what's wrong. The lady tells me that I don't have an e-mail account anymore. That's right, I got wiped out of the system. Thank you, Northwestern.
20 minutes later.. I'm back in the system, on a different mail server. I have no e-mails in my box (sad, lost e-mails) and all I can do is hope that nobody sent me anything important today.

The camping trip was perfect. We got to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore at around 12:30, staked out our campsite, went grocery shopping, had lunch and took a nice 5 mile-or-so hike. It was lovely perfect. Had dinner (steak and potatoes with glop), dessert (ice cream) and second dessert (marshmallows/s'mores). We then went to sleep :o) The next day we had a big coffecake heated over the campfire, then lay on the beach/threw a frisbee/swam for a good 2 hours. Lunch. Knick-knack shop, then back to E-town.
The weather was divine. The Indiana Dunes are actually between two steel mills, but it's an absolutely beautiful park (who knew Indiana could be so gorgeous?) Lots of cottonwoods, dogwoods, marram grass and sugar maple, some trees sunk into the wetland, water covered with a boggy sheen. Black butterflies speckled with cream dabbled alongside us, as big as my hand. I love seeing the sunlight filter through the greenery, lacing everything emerald.
Sahal, Diana, Andy and I played off each other, singing, teasing, skipping, butt-shaking. We're so at ease with one another, it doesn't even matter what we say. It was pretty idyllic, and a perfect way to cap off my year with the three of them. Sahal leaves tomorrow for Finland, and I had to say good-bye to Diana as well. At least I got to see them again at Huei's concert, which was amazing. If you've never heard the song "Mudra" by Becker before, you should definitely avail yourself of a copy. It's really, really freaking cool.

Other than that, things are normal. I'm no longer freaking out about finals week like I was before. Everything will come in its stride, and besides, it's been a while since I pulled any 4-hour nights, thanks to a certain someone and Nyquil. Evanston has been sunny, breezy and warm all this weekend - it's a gift! I can't bring myself to be reflective, although I will be soon. I look at the days left on the calendar and it stuns me with its brevity. And yet I'm still living every moment like I've got an infinite number left...
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