Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Hot Sun

California is hot and dry - the kind of weather that bakes your skin and makes the pavement burn bare feet. The grass in our yard is overgrown and I'm living out of suitcases and drawers stacked in the living room and family room. I couldn't get to the piano to play it if I wanted to, my bookshelves are covered in plastic, my replacement computer won't arrive for another week. So then, this is home. Like the first days of every summer I feel slightly restless, bored and unfocused, uncertain of my emotions and interactions. I drive aimlessly down El Camino with my mom's Backstreet Boys CD crooning to me, wander the aisles of the hardware store fingering spools of rope, carpet squares and paint samples.

I look at photographs of graduation and it already feels miles away. Everyone does, and whenever my phone rings and it's Jack or Robert, I feel suddenly stable again, as if they could remind me of the reality I left behind two days ago. But this is the calm before the storm, the lull before the growing. I start work on Monday and in some ways that signals the real turning of the page.

Tonight will be my first dance lesson back home with Glenn Weiss at Starlite Ballroom. How fitting that I should return there to begin my dancing anew, all at the place where Beth Wildanger's sister first took Erin and I to learn how to swing dance! I'm excited for the possibilities.

My doctor's appointment today went well. Apparently I'm a half inch taller than I thought I was, which means me 5' 3 1/2". Booyah!

I guess I don't have much else to say, although I managed to write quite a bit in my journal on the way from Chicago to San Francisco. I imagine I won't be able to update much about my job other than very general comments about how nice the people are and how I'm learning a lot of useful things - so go the confidentiality agreements between myself and my new employer. It's interesting having no AIM - I discovered that it is my primary form of communication, and without it I spend a lot of time just hanging out on my own.

Well, that's all. My days seem to be punctuated by Heidi snarling at the construction workers, my parents coming in and out of the house, and my own need to move back and forth for the sake of stretching my muscles. Fortunately I will be backpacking with my family + Chris this weekend in Sequoia (art project, anyone?) and the day I get back is the day I start work. I guess I should go enjoy my last two days of vacation, before I begin to delude myself that my job at Google is just a summer internship that will never end.
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