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Yay! I'm like.. totally lame this weekend. I bought paint this morning, and then went to the Stanford library to work on my Milton paper. Then I came home and worked on recovering more information from my old hard drive, had mac and cheese, took Heidi to the elementary school to play with other doggies. Now I'm updating my livejournal, in the dark kitchen. haha, yeah saturday night!

Anyway I'm like disgustingly happy these days. I love my job, finally, because they're giving me a lot to do and might even be heading up a new (small) project soon.
Going to try out dance partners tomorrow, and have been making progress on Milton. Things are great with the boy, and I feel pretty useful in general to a lot of different people, which I always like.

I think I'm going to go clean my room some more now :o)
Tags: ballroom, google, writing
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