Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Thursday morning! Soooo tired. My manager scheduled a meeting with me for 8:45 am, and today was my day to walk Heidi. Yeaah, not much sleep there.

OH and some JERK TOTALLY SCRAPED UP MY BACK BUMPER YESTERDAY! And the wheel well too! Stupid.. a!#$@$^. That's what I get for going to the Los Altos library where people are old and fogey and don't know how to f*cking DRIVE. I'm not talking dinky little white marks either, I'm talking GASHES here! It looks like a frickin sabertooth lion mistook my car for a gazelle! Ugh. I'm so disgusted by people. Ugh! Ugh!!

ANYWAY, I had a wonderful lovely dinner last night with none other than David Klaus. We laughed so hard and reminisced about BLAST and caught up on each other's lives in general. It was really nice. At one point David apologized for waxing philosophical and I told him "that's what you're supposed to do when you get back together with an old friend." and we just kind of grinned. Because it's true, and it's lovely. I'm so glad that I have an NU person back here - it makes being away from Evanston more bearable.

What else.. tonight I'm dancing with my new partner. Yes folks, I have a new dance partner! His name is Ivan. Heh.. he actually is still dancing with someone else, and has two more competitions to go with her. So now he has to like, "end the relationship." Such silliness with partners. Anyway I'm looking forward to being back on the floor on a regular basis. I think my lack of exercise is affecting my ability to eat. I've probably actually lost a couple pounds since I got home from school. No good at all!

Oh! meeting! now! haha, will have to finish later..
Tags: ballroom, fitness, friendship, google
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