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Rochester + Boundary Waters

I love Steph's house, and her mom. Her house is sooo comfortable and I feel totally at home here. Her mom is super nice too. It's like being with part of my own family :o) Such a nice feeling!

Steph and I just got back from Northern Minnesota today. We went canoeing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) for a couple days. It was gorgeous. I had forgotten the absolute contentment and pleasure that can be derived from the quiet of paddles dipping into glassy water, as the green shoreline slips calmly past. *sigh* At any rate, Steph and I had a really good time, even though the entry point was so far from Trout Lake that we actually only spent a few hours in the Boundary Waters itself. Next time I go back it's going to be for more than two days so we can actually get farther into the wilderness and onto some smaller lakes (less choppy, no motorboats!)

Last night we were too tired to drive back so we stayed in Duluth. Our evening was made better by the most bubbly and friendly waiter I've ever seen (we tipped him well), lots of meat/bacon and food, and a really good brownie/ice cream/fudge/whipped cream dessert. Also I saw "House" on TV - a quirky but interesting show. Man, I love vacation. I miss doing nothing all day.

Today has mostly been bumming around. I finished "Shadowmarch", finally. I love Tad Williams! I can't wait for the rest of this series. WE just had beef stroganoff, white wine and asparagus and we're hanging out until the cinnamon rolls cook. We were going to go to the county fair but now we're like.. lazy. Anyway, there's a swing music thing there till 10 so we'll probably check that out. And tomorrow night is the DEMOLITION DERBY! (which I chose in favor of the monster truck rally tonight). Unfortunately, the tractor pull was yesterday night so we missed it :o( Oh well.

That's pretty much all my news. Tomorrow we'll probably bum around more, sleep in, walk Rico around the lake, bum more, and then Monday we're going up to the cities for the sculpture garden and maybe an art museum, plus early dinner. Then I'll be home by Monday night and back to work Tuesday. Life is bueno. I love the Midwest, baby. Haha, never thought I'd say that...

Also it's weird being so "close" to people like Jack and Zu and Steve and Sahal and Andy and all those other crazies but not being able to see them. This saddens me. Oh well. Time to go eat sugary things (I'm going to have gained like 5 pounds by the time I get home, thanks to Steph's wanting to stuff me with delicious sweet things.. yummmmy......)

oh and Murphy, you still thinking of applying for the ones-who-will-not-be-named? :D Let me know.
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