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Monday, Monday, so good to me.

Gray mornings make it so much more difficult to get out of bed. It almost feels like the clouds are sinking into your brain and body, making you curl up tighter into the bedding, bury your head in your pillow and repeatedly hit the “snooze” button on your alarm.

I should have taken more time to wake up this morning though; it probably would have kept me from almost hitting a bicyclist on my way to work. While in GTA3 this would have been a cause for fist-pumping, in real life it simply makes you feel bad.

Mondays always mean going back to life in front of the computer. I’m drinking decaf coffee – I’m tired but didn’t want the caffeine, so I thought maybe I could just psych myself out and my body would THINK I was getting caffeine. Haha.. we’ll see how that goes. The good thing about working again is that I’m going to be eating normally. I was talking about this to Janet yesterday. I get so darn lazy during the weekends about making myself food that I practically starve. Especially since by the time the weekend comes around, I have so much other stuff that I want to take care of, and I don’t want to put any time into having to cook. Or eat. :P

On the activity-front, it feels really good to be dancing regularly again. I have SO much stuff I need to fix, like, some really fundamental things about the way I move/hold my frame. It’s really tough when I’ve been dancing the same way for so long to have to retrain my muscles to move differently. My feet are definitely complaining though – I’ve got band-aids on them for the first time since I got these standard shoes a year ago. My legs ache, my back aches, my feet hurt. Ahhh, it’s marvelous. I could use a good massage and some ibuprofen, but there’s a part of me that kind of enjoys the aching. It means that I’m actually doing something with myself other than being a bum.

And oh oh! I finally got curtains and curtain rods yesterday. Exciting! It’s going to make my room seem so much more homey. Believe it or not, I have to move all my stuff back OUT of my room before this weekend. While I’m on vacation with Jack the floor guy is going to be here, so it’s move-out so I can move-in later…again. Here and I thought graduating from NU would be the end of me lugging my stuff around every three months.

What’s ahead for this week? Gonna hang with my favorite Dan tonight, dance tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is a Joshua Bell concert con mi madre, and early Saturday it’s off to see my boy. Hopefully in between those things I’ll be varnishing my bookcase, moving my stuff, running with Heidi, and being cool. Yeah. I’m all about being cool.
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