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new look

Well I'm trying out this new look for my LJ since they just rolled out some new themes that apparently you can do a lot with if you know CSS. I don't know CSS but maybe someday I'll learn.

Had two of my conversion interviews today. Yeah, my manager wants to convert me a full-time employee. Pretty exciting, but I'm not getting my hopes up until I know for sure that I've been hired.

Nothing much else. I love my dance lessons - my coach makes our dancing feel so much better. We went into the lesson and prefaced it with "we know this is crap." So she basically couldn't say anything bad because it wouldn't have been anything that we didn't already know. haha.

I've also decided that I don't really like fruit flavored teas because they kind of just taste like watered down juice. The exceptions to this are Snapple's iced teas, because those taste like flavored sugar water. Yummy. My favorite :P

Anyway, the floors are finally done in our house. I'll post a picture when I stop being lazy. Will be going backpacking this weekend into the Desolation Wilderness with the fam. It should be really pretty, and the mosquitoes mostly gone, so yay for that. I should also get some time to start putting things back into my room for real. I still need an armchair and a smaller desk, but everything in its time, right?

Ok, I'm going to sleep now. Did you like my two line paragraphs? Haha...
Tags: ballroom, camping, google
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