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Aquathon 2006

So life lately is seriously rockin. Except for the fact that Jack is in China.. but I'm speaking more about the things that I actually have some control over :P

First of all, dancing is going wonderfully. Ivan and I are working on new routines (well new for us dancing together) and Robert (our coach) is pushing us to really understand and grasp the techniques and tools we need to dance these routines well. I love teaching the Google social dance class that I co-instruct on Friday afternoons after work.

I got new hiking boots today, and Julia and I are going to break them in tomorrow morning on Mission Peak, and watch the sunrise also of course.

And today I swam in the C A R Aquathon, which my mom organized. Um, the swimming pretty much broke me. I wasn't tucking my head properly everytime I dove in, so I strained every single muscle in my neck. I'm not feeling it so much right now, mostly due to the fact that I had two advil before dinner, but immediately after swimming I thought my arms were going to fall off. Nevertheless, it was a really fun event, and it's so cool to me to see the people that my efforts are helping. I think my coworkers had fun, and as a team we swum 108 laps (widths of 25 yds) in a half hour. Not too shabby :o) And I remembered how to swim! haha.. Not only that but I got to see JT, who was our volunteer photog for the event. JT is def one of those people who you've kept in touch with for so long, despite having never gone to the same school, that you pretty much know you have a friend for life :o)

We had dinner at ABC Seafood tonight, yum yum. There was a wedding going on there on the same night, but we managed to get a table anyway and consume lots of tasty food.

What else.. I guess that's pretty much it. Basically things are good, they're really good. I'm like listening to really sappy music right now and going to get some reading done. My stuff is still all over the living room, I haven't varnished my bookcase or touched Milton in 2 weeks, but well, I'll get to those in time, right? For now, I'm just chillin.
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