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long days

I had 5 hours of meetings today. FIVE HOURS.

On the upside, my parents came to eat lunch at Google today, and I think they had a nice time. 'Twas my mommy's birthday :o) yay!

Also I went to dance at Genesis, and today was the FIRST time I didn't feel like the biggest klutz ever there. I could actually keep p with a lot of the stuff and not feel like I was awful. Which means either that she did easier things, or that I am getting better. I prefer the latter.
PS Robert Chan, I miss dancing Latin with you. Can you like, come back to the bay area instead of graduating? Kidding...

Milton is going horribly. So horribly. I need to do massive amounts of work on it and I HAVE NO TIME BECAUSE I DANCE SO DAMN MUCH. This weekend, I'm going to like cut myself off from the internet and work my ass off on it. After I go to Marine World with my coworker, Ravi, that is. :o( I need to find some discipline and get my life straight again. I feel like my emotions and mind is running a hundred miles per hour lately. I can't just sit down and concentrate like I need to do. The smallest things that are really quite stupid throw me off, and I need to center myself, rather than letting surprises throw me off my track.

No more distractions, Jen Chin! It's time to get serious and do the things you want to do before you lose the drive, and get distracted by information that matters not.

PS. Dave Murphy, you best be calling me when you interview on Friday. You're going to be on campus Friday right?
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