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I feel so accomplished right now. I just turned in my next draft of my Milton paper, after staying up the most of the night to work on it (because I procrastinated all day yesterday). I feel so good right now! I'm sure I won't feel this good later in the afternoon when I'm exhausted, but I sure as hell feel awesome right now.

Over the weekend, I also took apart my old desk with my mom. Rather, we pried it apart because when the construction guys broke it they nail gunned it back together. And I put my new desk up, which meant I had to clean up all the crap and junk and mail on my old desk. So I did all my work on my new desk, feeling all happy and proud because my room is coming together at last, and pretty much just happy in general. OH and last night my parents made salmon. So they went on a fishing trip to the Gold Coast of Oregon and brought back nearly 80 lbs of delicious, delicious salmon. Each fishie was as big as Heidi. Mmmm, tasty salmon. Julia and my grandparents came over and we ate and ate and it was completely lovely.

The other thing I did was go to Marine World with one of my coworkers, Ravi, and look at animals. There's pictures of animals up on my imagestation page if you're interested.

Okay, I have to like, go talk to Jack now, but I wanted to show how happy and proud of my own awesomeness I am at this moment :P YAY MILTON. I should make a cheer.
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