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It's been a while since I read my friends page, so I was completely giddy to find that it consisted of entries on: capoeira, a hello kitty Darth Vader, blenders, and having your personal space violated by more than one person while on public transportation.

This week has been pretty good. I was offered, and accepted, a full time position with Google as an Online Product Support Coordinator. I think they're changing that title though to something that sounds even better but still has four words. Dave and I were joking about how the more special you are, the fewer words you have in your title. Like I think the next step up is Acting Team Lead. Then Product Manager. hahah. I don't think there's a 1-word title at the top though, otherwise our theory would have been completely unassailable. So at any rate, my first day as a full timer is Monday. And I've already talked to my manager about becoming Content Manager for Google Earth (since the current one just left to take another position). So things are moving forward, and I'm about to like, lose every ounce of free time I have to my job. I can't wait!

My dance partner is on vacation for the next three weeks, which so far hasn't deterred me from dancing, although I have found that if I don't dance and still eat the same amount of food, I get hugely restless and basically hate myself because I sit still no matter how hard I try.

Anita, a friend from NU, is visiting me right now. We went out Salsa dancing last night at Club Havana. The cover was like $15 - what a rip-off. Well, kind of, the place was pretty snazzy and they had a live band. But then they also played remixed Spanish pop music because it was co-sponsored by 104.9 Enamorada (which I listen to all the time in the car). And it was like, all latino people. I actually got to speak a tiny bit of Spanish, although I couldn't understand a word that the band leader was saying due to the echoing. I've also decided that I need to start taking earplugs with me when I go to some of these places, because my ears were ringing all last night.

I suppose there isn't much else to report, other than that. I've been hanging out with my coworkers more now that I'm really and truly part of the team. It feels good. I like them a lot. Anita and I were saying last night that the people you work with can make or break any job. I feel really lucky to be working with such cool people, who are really nice to each other at work but can also just let loose when they get out of work :o) Anita and I were supposed to go with said cool people to the Aquarium today, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Not sure what our plans will be instead yet!

Mm, life is so excellent right now. I kind of feel like I'm just moving through it day by day, planning less and less. It feels really good, and it feels good to have some free time. Ok, off to my day. more later.. :o)
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