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San Fran + crazy

Well Janet has already updated for the day and I think pretty much covered the majority of the awesome that was my day, so I guess all I really have left to do is tell it from my perspective, and fill in the parts that Janet missed :o) Woke up around 8 this morning - stupid work messing up my internal clock, ie ability to sleep in. Ravi was like "get up, get out of bed, shower, let's go, jeez!" So I finally woke Anita up at 11:30, went to the ATM, and then went home and talked to my mom. Ravi and his roommate, Josh, picked us up around 12:30 and we had breakfast/lunch at the OPH. Ohhh yah. Pancakes all around. I was so filled with pancake by the end of the meal - I had all of mine plus one of Ravi's. haha.. buh :o)

Off to San Francisco! Ravi really wanted to see dinosaurs AND it was Smithsonian Museum Day = free admission to a bunch of museums in SF, so we picked the Academy of Sciences. Met up with Janet there and funnily enough , because the penguin feeding was at 3:30, we decided to go there first, and then we got all caught up by the incredibly cool fishies. Like Janet said, half of these fish were straight out of Star WArs - the folks at ILM probably were cruising the waters of crazy fish when they made half the creatures like the Rancor and that crazy space worm from RotJ. Not only that, but there were cool TURTLES and SNAKES and crazy bug things that like bite your toes in the water. I'll post pictures tomorrow morning when i'm not so damn tired. Next thing we know, they're announcing that the museum is closing in 10 minutes, so we run through the dinosaur exhibit, and yah. That was that.

Next up, Beard Papas for deliiicious cream puffs, followed by walking around, riding the escalators up and down in the new shopping center (and wtf, when did Bloomingdale's become "Bloomies" - that's like the most retarded name ever) and then going to walk the Golden Gate. I don't remember the last time I walked the Golden Gate at nighttime, but the city was gorgeous. Well after I put my glasses on anyway, before that it was more like a big hodgepodge of lights floating in darkness. This was followed by dinner at the Slanted Door, which was very good and actually not that expensive for the food/service that we got :o)

Ahh, it was so nice to be able to hang out with so many cool, obnoxious and fun people all at once. I think the combination of Janet and Ravi alone is enough to make most people put their head through a wall, but man, I love them :D So it was really awesome, and we all teased each other ridiculously and made fun of each other. It's so nice to go out with friends and be confident that they'll actually get along with each other, which really only happens when it's people who basically can't get offended by anything. Haha..

Anyway, it was basically a wonderful day with tons of laughing at each other's stupidity, of which there was a whole freaking lot. I'm starting to mellow out now, the drive back we just listening to old school R&B on 280 and chilled after the adrenaline rush of running around like the crazy people we are. Can't stop thinking to myself how lucky I am; there's like 0 things to complain about in life. Lucky lucky lucky girl. *sigh*
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