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Taxing Weekend

So usually weekends are supposed to be relaxing. And while I don't deny that mine had its lovely moments, I'm coming out of it feeling tired and drained.

I had an amazing time chillin with my LAHS crew in SF on Saturday night for Dan and Erin's birthdays. Dinner at Pasta Pomodoro, Reno 911!, dancing in bars in the Mission. Drove back super late and fell asleep while talking to Jack on the phone.

Ran errands and went to a blown-glass pumpkin festival at the Palo Alto Arts Center with my entire family. We also saw that Tower was having a liquidation sale. All books were 20% off! I won't even say how much I spent on books/3 CDs but it was obscene and it was a lot, and I'm soooo happy because I have all these books to read now! Not that I didn't already have Cryptonomicon, The Shadow of the Torturer, and Leaving Mother Lake to read, but whatever. One can never have too many books...

At any rate, I guess I'll go clean the bathroom now, and head to sleep early. I got "The Beautiful Voice", a Renee Fleming album, and her soft, warm voice is channeling my energy toward constructive things.
Tags: books, crafts, friendship, music, relationships
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