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Man From Elysian Fields

Word to the wise: Having Mick Jagger in your movie does not make it good. Also having good actors in your movie, still does not make it good.

I spent most of my day feeling oddly disconcerted. I didn't find an armchair, although I almost bought a loveseat that, it turns out, wouldn't have fit through the door of my bedroom. sad.
I then bought a shirt and bracelent at NY & Co at Valley Fair b/c I was returning another gift and I just kind of had to spend the credit. Of course, as with all such circumstances, I ended up spending extra. The sunset more than made up for it though - it was like fire between the cloud layers.

Now I'm going to do some tickets.. surprisingly enough I'm kind of looking forward to it, although I'm not looking forward to going to work on Monday. How does that work?
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