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I gotta run to work in five minutes here, but I'm alive! haha, I haven't written in forever, I know. I've been so bad about this lately.

Well things are going extraordinarily well despite a severe lack of sleeping over the past week and a half. This was due to the fact that I went to NYC to work on a program with the Maps Engineers out in the office there - which naturally also meant seeing all the wonderful people in NYC that I haven't in forever: Mike Greninger (fellow intern from NGM), Andrea and Rachel (former coworkers from NGA), Heather for her bday, Nick Romeo (working at Carnegie Hall), Ben Bieberly (in RI doing navy school stuff), Kevin Rodrigues with whom I went to the Nutcracker and the Guggenheim, and Chris Morse (former BLASTie). I got into work by 8 everyday, which basically means I didn't sleep much :o)

I LOVE NEW YORK. I miss it already. Someday I'm going to live there, I hope I hope I hope, for a few years just to BE there for a long time.

Other than that, I am still dancing of course. My parents just got a TV, and it is big and pretty, so that's exciting. Just in time for the new season of 24!!! AND two days ago, the Ann Taylor Loft had an awesome sale where their sweaters were buy one, get one 50% off, and then I had a coupon for 20% off on top of that. Plus the sales girl wasn't paying attention and took the 50% off the more expensive one. Sweet.

The weekend plan is to do all my as-of-yet-unfinished Christmas Shopping, and perhaps the Asian Art Museum with Julia, or the Aquarium with Ravi. We shall see. I've been trying to read more lately, an effort that has been semi-successful, as I finished "Waiting for the Barbarians" by Coetzee and also Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. I literally finished the last 600 pages of Cryptonomicon on the plane between NY and LA, and it almost killed me but I did it. What a ridiculously long and complex, but engrossing book. OH and getting to the actual airport on Sunday to catch my flight home was ridiculous. I left Kevin's place at 2 with plenty of time to get to JFK to catch my flight at 4. What does this moron do? I get on the wrong A line and it takes me down the wrong branch, so then I have to get on the train going the other way at the end of the line, switch where I was supposed to the first time and get to JFK. I run up to the ticket counter with 35 min left before my flight leaves, she goes "honey, you can't check anything but you can try to make it. It's a long way." I'm like "sweet, this is gonna be great." I jump the security line - I swear I will always be grateful to the people behind me who were helping me put all my stuff through the machine - and hear the final boarding call for my flight. Run to the right wing of the terminal, go down the escalators, run across, back up the escalators - at this point my breath is burning my throat and I'm exhausted because I'm running with a 25 lb or so packpack, pulling my luggage, in a JACKET AND SCARF that I didn't have time to take off, AND I hear them caling my name as I round the corner to my gate. There were two guys standing there waiting to take my seat if I didn't show up, and they were totally about to be given it too. I bet they hated me. Anyway I made it, just barely. Unpleasant but exciting? :P

Okay, time to go to work now :o)
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