Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Practice pays off, I guess :P

Ivan and I took 1st in silver standard, 1st in gold standard, 4th in novice at yesterday's Winter Frolic competition.

I guess it's time to stop dancing our silver routine and kick ourselves in the butt - apparently dancing at the open level is closer than we anticipated.

It's funny though, yesterday before we competed we went to dance rounds with Charlotte Jorgensen - she told us one thing that stood out in my mind. When you're on the competition floor, you are not to think about your footwork, about your center, about any of those things. That's what practice is for. When you're on the competition floor, you think about the music, about the joy of dancing, about sharing something beautiful and pleasurable with the audience. Yesterday I felt utter bliss so often, the feeling of perfect connection to Ivan, and the most beautiful music rolling us along. I felt the audience, most sharply the people who came to see me dance - my brother and sister in law, my grandparents, my dad who stayed the entire time to videotape the competition, my piano teacher, Ravi, Lior... it renewed my pleasure in dancing, and while I still think I need to think about what I'm trying to accomplish with my dancing, and who I want my dancing to benefit, it has given me back some of that sparkle that was missing. I feel so grateful to have people in my life who want to come out and see me dance, who I can finally share my dancing with, people who I've been talking to about dancing for years and finally, finally now that I'm dancing here at home, can see me.
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