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The past days have been easier - at work, at life. I still feel the world passing by me too quickly, hours slip through my fingers but at least I feel that I have filled them. Friday night I went to Hot Salsa Friday at Dance Spectrum. What a great, un-sketchy crowd of good dancers! That was very enjoyable, plus I got to see Julia Lam for the first time in forever. Yesterday I got out of bed late, spent the day with Ravi trolling the Sears sale, Fry's and then Know Knew Books on California ave. Then off to Camelot (starring Michael York!) with my mom. Got up quite early (5:15) to hike Mission Peak with my mom and Julia. It was clear at the top and warm; we gazed down at the gauzy clouds in the valley and sighed with pleasure. I just got back from breakfast with my parents. I love so much to spend time with them. As it stands, this weekend has been a great mix of spending time with friends, family, and my boy. And now I have today for myself.

I found out last night that one of the kids in the year below me, Will Sigua, was killed in a firefight in Iraq this past week. I didn't know him well, but I remember his face and presence. Most of all, I recall the life in him. Perhaps that's the most wrenching part - that that hopeful, laughing, spark of life is gone. He was 21.
In truth, his death does not affect me in the way I live my day-to-day life. But up until now, the soldiers killed in Iraq have very much been only faces. His death, for the rest of the nation, is another number, another mug shot. For me, he was a part of what I knew for three years at LAHS.
Of course I know the conviction of people who believe in their cause, who face peril bravely and do their best to see the ways that they are making a difference. And yes, they are, but we as a country also could have made a difference - one to Will and to his family by not asking him to go in the first place. Of course his choice was just that, his own, and it is not diminished by the circumstances of the war. But do we not also hold some responsibility for his death?
Regardless, my heart turns again and again to his family, if only as an anonymous source of support and sympathy. This thought will not soon leave me. And even if only in this small way, for I was smaller to him than he has now become to me, I would like to remember him.

Rest in Peace
Will Sigua
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