Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

So what?

I need to learn how to use the word "So" a lot less. Currently I use it to start sentences (so,) to interrupt people (sooo...), for emphasis (SO) and to express my disdain (so?). There must be other words in the English language - exciting words, mind you - that I can substitute. Like "verily" or "forsooth". I don't know.. any ideas?

In other news, Pavoratti passed away yesterday. I never actually got to hear him sing, but I guess he was more for the generation before me than for mine. And I got to hear Renee Fleming once, so my life is basically complete opera-wise. And the sky is ridiculously hazy from that enormous fire burning over Henry Coe. It's a good thing the park is so big, and there's so few people who live over there.

My search for a non-profit to do some volunteer work for has already begun to materialize. The Peninsula Habitat folks want to at least look at some of my clips and get my resume. I haven't written stories in forever, but one of the pieces of advice I got at the APA FIVE conference was that I should find as many opportunities as possible to keep exercising my journalistic muscles, as it were. Here goes!
Tags: death, writing
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