Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Forgetful Jen

Today after dance practice I drove all the way home, only to realize that I had left my work laptop in the studio. Lucky for me, I had the phone number of someone still there, who passed it to another person who was still there, who was one of the last people to leave the studio (he left as I appeared to get my laptop). Of course I had driven all the way home before I realized it.

The benefit of this was, of course, that I got to drive 280 going southbound at around 10:45 pm. My favorite moment is when you come around that bend, just as 85 merges, and if you glance to the left (very quickly, of course), you see a thousand bulbs of light gleaming, scattering up to dark mountains. The sky here is never black either, it turns only a velvety deep shade of blue-black. And before it all, shining specters of clouds, whispering.

Dancing makes me so happy. I feel myself progressing and becoming stronger, more sure of myself. And with each step, literally, I bring myself closer to the rare moments when the world drops away and there is only music and partner and dancing. Still far, but within reach, now. It's amazing what having a good coach can encourage you to become.

Well, this little town falls silent, and I must fall to sleeping. Tomorrow: Spice Girls concert!!!
Tags: about cs, ballroom
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