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State of the World today

Just a few random news stories..
World Bank Tackles Food Emergency
Rare Seahorse found in River Thames
Zimbabwe Election Fears

The last two days have been relaxing and full of calmness. I spent time on both days sitting with friends, just hanging out. On Sunday I had dim sum with my grandparents. When I thanked them for taking me out my grandmother explained:

"It's a type of joy. When I was growing up, my grandparents were already dead, or they passed away when I was very young. They never got to sit down like this and eat with me. They missed out on this joy. So you see, eating with my granddaughter is a kind of joy."

This is the kind of wisdom only grandparents can hold.

All weekend was hot and bright. I know it's summer but am only just now remembering to think of it. At some point my skin will start to brown, and backpacking season will begin. I feel myself stretching lengthily, like some bear waking from hibernation. Emerging into the warmth of a new spring, I gaze about with interest and ponder my next actions.

Well, I certainly won't be becoming a plumber. After a 40-minute tussle with the t-shaped sprinkler pipe under the redwood trees in my backyard, I cut my finger and admitted defeat. 'Twas simply not meant to be.

I think I might endeavor this week to spend more of my free time on my own, perhaps doing some writing. Oddly enough, I felt this same urge months ago but then it was borne out of a desire to do what I thought I should be doing. This time I want only to explore that thing that now spirals within me.
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