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Bay to Breakers

I ran Bay 2 Breakers today for the first time! It was an awesome experience, to see sooo many people (even without my glasses on) all along the race course, especially before heading up Hayes St. Hill. My goal was to run the whole thing without stopping (7.8 mi) and I achieved that! Not only that, but I definitely think I could have pushed myself more toward the end. I'm already looking forward to next year since I'll know the course a little better, I'll know where I can start putting on the turbo-boost ;o) Anyway, I completed the 12K in 1:23:23, which is an 11:11 minute mile. That's 8467 overall, 2920 for my sex, and 1012 for my division. It was a pretty addicting experience, I'd do it again in a heartbeat! Maybe next time I can aim for a faster per-mile number - it'd be nice to get under 10 min/mile!

I also saw a TON of nude people as well as many folks running with wings on, and various other silly outfits. The best was a girl standing on a shopping cart that had a keg in it, with 6 guys tied to it pulling like sled dogs. I thought it was amusing how many people get up early along the race course to hang out on their balconies, play music, and drink while watching all the other people run by. And we kind of watch them, while we're avoiding stepping on one another, at any rate.

Anyway, afterward we went to Julia/Robert's apt and took showers, then went to Yank Sing for tasty, tasty dim sum. Seriously, everything is good there. Then got on CalTrain and took it back - it was soo crowded that there were people sitting in the upper deck with their feet hanging over the railing.

I feel miserable right now, not from the race but because my nose has been rebelling against me all day, and even though the race is long over, had not stopped running. (teehee). So I just dosed up again on the nasal spray, and added a Claritin, and hopefuly that will be good enough to let me go for the next couple hours without sneezing my brains out. I need those for work tomorrow!

Now it's time to chill out and read a book, and do the massive piles of laundry that have accumulated over the past month or so. Life is excellent.
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