Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Toward place and person

The past three days have been calm and uneventful (other than a drunken 4am call this morning from my dear boyfriend in Vegas :P) and I've been getting a lot of sleep. In case you didn't know, no-sleep Jen is grouchy and serious. Lots of sleep Jen is silly, alert and all up in your biznas.

I finally found a practice partner for Latin. Or rather, he found me :o) He's danced some open stuff, but now wants to work on technique for silver and gold syllabus, which is totally PERFECT for what I was looking for. The only awkward thing is that he's about a head and a half taller than me. Oh well.. fortunately these things matter less in latin (as opposed to standard, where it becomes difficult).

Been getting a LOT of work done on some important extracurricular projects, and am really getting ramped up and excited for PERU (May 31-June 8). I haven't done a big group vacation since studying abroad in Spain (which doesn't really count as a "vacation", per say), and haven't really been out of the country before w/o my parents - again, with the exception of Spain. I'm thrilled about the prospect of this new adventure, and will make sure to load up on writing utensils/paper to bring all my memories back to this journal

Maybe it's the summer weather, but lately it's been easy for me to really invest my energy and passion into each moment. I'm thrilled by every single contact I have with the incredible people in my life, and I'm captivated by the way that life throws me back into joy again and again. I imagine this is what it means to let your dreams happen at ease.. I'm on the path and everything in me is singing.
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