Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

GoogleServe and early mornings

I don't know when it happened that I totally stopped sleeping in ever, but basically I seem to always be awake before 9, even on the weekends. It's disgusting, really.

This week I have a good cause though, and something that I haven't (I don't think) written about in past posts. Which is, it's GoogleServe week! What is GoogleServe, you might be asking. Well, my bold, furless friends, GoogleServe is a week in which all Google offices, all over the world, are participating in a myriad of projects. This year out theme is "the environment." This means about 1300 Googlers from Mountain View are out this week planting trees, cleaning up beaches, pulling invasive species out of parks, learning about marine conservation, and collecting old clothes for donation. Not only that, but about 50 offices around the world (in all the continents except Antarctica) are also participating with their own projects.

This is a big deal to me because I have been helping to plan this initiative by coordinating all of our distributed offices in their projects, basically for the past 6 months or so. I am, as you would say, highy invested in its success. And it's going splendidly. Photos and stories are coming in from both MTV and from offices in Turkey, Russia, Israel, the list goes on.

It feels really, really good to give other people the opportunity to give back. I could do this for a living ;o)

Early mornings are also due to a little ol country called INDIA with which I had a call this morning at 6. That meant waking up at 5. Actually it wasn't so bad because the sun was rising when I was driving to work, and I always love that fresh start feeling. Also the wonderful moderators who did the training with me come in at 5:45 everyday, so I am not complaining.

You can tell I haven't gotten that much sleep because my writing is prosaic and uninspired right now. Oh well, I can't be awesome ALL the time.

Something that DID inspire me this morning is my new Coldplay album which just arrived in the mail yesterday. It's presentation is really well done - getting to the CD was an experience in discovery. I can appreciate that.

I have some other topics I want to write about, and have been collecting a running list on like "green consumerism" and a response to another post I read about "why reading a book is an act of defiance." Those will have to wait because my sweet doggy just came wagging in and I really want to pet her a lot before I go back to work (I came home to shower/change for my GoogleServe project later today).

Oh, and this entry's icon is brought to you by my dance coach, who called me "Jendango" yesterday, which I found hilarious because of my olde enjoyemente of the classic Fandango advertisements.

And as a random cool award for reading to the end of my profile, send your name into space! <-- Kepler = About the Coolest Thing Ever
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