Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Return of the Addiction

The real addiction returns. I always joke that I'm "addicted to dancing" because I spend large quantities of my free time dancing, but today was the first day since college that I've actually felt like I MUST GO DANCE OR ELSE. I'm dreaming of the feeling of floor under my feet and the music moving me.

Yesterday Derrick and I got our butts kicked (again). Perhaps it will be our new Tuesday fun times. We are both sore today. Not to mention that an hour of practice, plus a lesson, plus another 30 minutes of practice, then resting, then rounds made me incapable of thought for the next 12 hours. I snoozed my alarm SEVEN times this morning. Ridiculous. I've been wolfing down food all day today and have been craving protteeiin like no tomorrow.

Rounds last night contained serious awesomeness. Something about being with a group of wonderful people sweating our brains out, laughing at each other, dancing for the dancing - it reminded me of BLAST comp trips in college. We used to practice in our sneakers in the parking lot of whatever hotel in whatever Midwestern town we'd just rolled in to, often bundled up against the brisk evening cold. Music on iPods or no music at all, awful form, but so much dancing and laughter. Once we were sufficiently danced, and we couldn't stand the cold any longer, we'd tumble back into the warm, yellow rooms for charades and massage trains. I wished those moments would last and last...

My muscles appreciate resting today, especially after that 15.5 mile backpacking weekend, and lots of other exercising before/after. Derrick told me to imagine dancing, which is fine by me. But only for today.
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