Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

The closing

The semester, wound to a close, seems already far behind me. I am looking onward, to the opportunities ahead, to things yet undone, to the hopes and uncertainties of another day beyond. In the last moments of these days, I spend delicious time with classmates barely known, calmly walk through the last of my assignments, pace myself, ever always learning newness.

Having attended Fuqua's "Weekend for Women" last Thursday through Saturday, I am convinced of the fit for me, for how I can contribute best to the future of conservation, how I can contribute to others there and inspire some greater awareness of environmental issues. I will be spending all my waking hours on my essays for my Jan 7 application due date.

Today I head to Key West, to meet up with Stuart Pimm and 19 other Nicholas School classmates. We'll be volunteering at the Key West Botanical Garden all week, and enjoying what will hopefully be warm, sunny weather.

I spent much of this morning cleaning up a storm and packing. Now, I'm ripping many of my CDs to my laptop, rediscovering mixes made by friends many years ago (Danny, Mikey, Dan, Steph) - there's not much more relaxing than this.

Winter is setting in, enfolding us in short days and touching cheeks and noses with lively flushes. We complain bitterly of the cold, as southerners are wont to do, not understanding yet that the brilliancy of spring relies on these dark, chill days. I relish it instead, the way it brings every nerve into shuddering existence, the way my fingers numb slowly and my knuckle joints ache when I thrust myself back into the warmth of a heated building. The sunrises now are cloudswept, orange.

I haven't been dancing as much as I would have liked, due to finals and projects, but when I do it aches like the warming of my knuckles, muscles and sensitivities slowly awakening to the shift and movement of my partner. I quiet my mind, I bring myself down from audaciousness, try to do nothing but listen and understand. These things help humble me, remind me of what I am giving and what I am taking, hope it is helping me be better in myself.

This adventure is all I can think about.
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