Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Just an (extra)ordinary day.

Despite spending 40 minutes carving my car out of its ice palace this morning, I was grateful to be doing it at 9a rather than 7:30a (morning pilates was canceled due to my instructor not getting HER car out of its ice palace).

While I tromped around campus in hiking boots, I allowed myself to be amused by the undergraduate girls in their fashion boots, slip-sliding away. Unlike Northwestern, Duke relies all the benefits of primitive manual labor - RAs and janitorial staff armed with shovels - to clear their paths of snow. As a result, the campus is 70% still snowed (or iced) over. Stairs were to be avoided at all costs today!

I was startled in my dance practice today at the gym by a couple who came in to practice their bronze routines for Triangle Open this weekend. What! Other ballroom dancers at Duke? Unpossible. Their names? Jennifer and Robert :)

After spending some quality time in the library, and equally euphoric quality time at the chinese grocery store, I returned to my own snowy apartment complex. I think there is nothing more beautiful than the near-neon colors of a southern winter sunset reflected on white snow and bare branches, the pink and peach and the intense glow of a fading sun.

Next.. a hot shower, ballet class, home-cooked dinner, and homework. Does life get better?
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