Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Narrow Avoidance

 I left later than I should have.. plus the earth is turning, and the days grow shorter.

Coming down Cameron, I see blue police lights, and then a fire engine. There's no bike lane on Cameron, and I pass carefully, slowly. I saw on the side of the road, a bike crumpled in the grass. Police crouch around a human, down, and the ambulance approaches.

"Bike carefully," I tell myself. Two hills later, about to turn left onto my street, someone goes to pass me just before I turn. We almost collide..but he braked as did I.. avoidance. "Jesus, girl!" He yells at me out his open window. I see the flash of a cell phone in his hand. "I signaled!" I yell back at him, but he is gone.

I come back to an empty house, shaken. Sit down at my desk. Alone. It so easily could have been me on the side of that road. I have more blinking lights and reflectors than the average biker, but who can account for stupidity, for misjudging, for drivers whose eyes are open but not seeing? When someone is lying on the side of the road, whether or not that person was biking well will make no difference.

The daylight grows only scarcer, this I know. I can't always beat the light. 

I am grateful for every day on this earth, for my body, whole.  Let me remain. 
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