Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Better, and still better.

 Marketable securities, derivative instruments. Such fascinating ways we have chosen to arrange ourselves around money and things. I like the puzzle of it all, the way it materializes slowly.

Revelations came hard and fast today, striking as the sight of tonight's full moon, hung honey-gold amongst the treetops. I stayed long in the library, biked home after midnight on silent roads. The warmth and bare darkness jolted me back to pre-dawn hikes up Mission Peak. There was no sharp scent of grass and cows here though, only the stillness of the Duke Forest. Flip flops pushing pedals instead of the heavy, hugging tread of hiking boots. And aloneness.

My eyes ache now. I'll be up again soon enough. I let go of this day at last, knowing the next will be better, and still better.  
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