Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin


 I haven't written for a while.. again, the backlog of thoughts I've wanted to scrawl here grows ever higher, requires ever more fortitude to break down again. It's already late, and I know I'll be tired tomorrow. Work undone, in favor of watching a movie with my wonderful housemates. But sometimes I just have to write, even when I know it will be bad.

The new term started today. I am energized for my classes, for new classmates and professors, new ideas and applications of those ideas. It vacations do well for the mind. I haven't had a break that long since...I can't remember. More than five years, probably. And to have had so much time, of such brilliant quality, with the people I love. Rare, indeed, and I cherished and cherished. In these days, of so much movement, individualism and uncertainty, one can never be too assured of the return of such days.

My brother and Julia made our ski trip to Park City, Utah, absolute bliss. Slopes, snow, aspens and moguls all day. Homecooked, delicious meals before and after. Rejuvenating our muscles in the hot tub at day's end. Feeling lucky for skis, poles, ski boots; for powdery snow and good weather; for a depth of generosity I can only dream of rendering in my own self.

These mid-January days have been warm enough to bike, though still cool. I welcome the pale puffs of my breath coming hard on the heels of an uphill climb. After a week of skiing, I can't seem to move my body enough to rid the excess energy of my sedentary student life, and every night I fall to restless, antsy sleep. Even now I am awake, dancing to Pandora in the kitchen between paragraphs, a bowl of ice cream in my hand. 

I've started Chinese classes in earnest now, four days a week in class, three days out, drilling new words and grammar. Exercises, quizzes, presentations. My classmates are mostly freshman, sophomores, and better than me despite their youth. It's one of the humbling things about academic achievement - experience usually doesn't matter like it does in a job. 

Now it's time to sleep. But first: this term, I will try to multitask less. I'll stop carrying my laptop around so much. Perhaps, in focusing on one thing at a time, I will find the same calmness that I so ardently enjoyed over the past month.
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