Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin


 One of the best things about the beginning of the term is that little teeny bit of free time, which means BAKING!  Found some exciting ideas to churn through some of the baking ingredients in my pantry, like this thread on using a can of cherries, and these amazing lemon scones that I won't have the patience to make. I also have a can of pumpkin for.. something tasty. Hmm... 

I've decided a main reason why I love to bake is for that wonderful sugary baking scent that wafts through the air when one of my creations is in the oven. Yum!  I'm working with TWO different teams (not my regular group) this term, which means more people upon whom I may foist my experiments.

Having now been back for 5 days, I can say that it feels almost like I never left. I don't like this, mostly because when I was at home and skiing, I could feel myself settling toward this "Core of Jen" that felt very real. The kind of reality you know when you wrap your arms around the trunk of an aspen in the middle of a forest, the reality of sharp tongue-flavor from a draught of strong coffee, the reality of good news that both excites and calms you. I was, then, 100% myself - neither expecting nor holding expectations. 

Back here I am already questioning myself and my place, my goals and plans. And while some things remain constant as ever - my feelings for those I care about, for example - I cannot quite feel who I am anymore. 

On the other hand, back here, I can feel that I am better. Biking, which was last semester simply a mode of transportation, is now delightful in every way (except the bone-jarring potholes of 751). Having a goal with my summer internship has found application for my courses. Operations, conceptually, comes easily to me. Marketing Intelligence is so clearly important. And advocacy.. I just like the stories that we can share with each other there, and the way every week brings change. So, although I am not delirious over my classes like last term, I am very much focused and appreciative. Things are coming together for me here in Durham, at last. I am ready to lead, to work, to pursue excellence. 
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