Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Things that don't last

While studying for my last final of this term, I was startled somehow by a sudden awareness of the brevity of time. These last six weeks passed so quickly, that despite the fullness of the term's memories, I feel as if I've barely lived.

Now, the sunlight sits in easy stripes along the flat planes of the Fox Center, its reflections lending a soft, dreamy light to the late morning. The seconds tick, but there is a timelessness to the soft chatter of classmates nearby and to the punctuation of their laughter.

My last exam is finished, spring break on its way. It was not perfect, but almost. It's important to leave room for improvement, otherwise what do we have to strive for?

Today will find me lunching with a friend, treating myself to a pre-competition manicure (a once in 3 year event),packing my life into that steady Prius, and then striding the curve of the earth to reach Asheville and dancing. No exotic locales for me this spring break, instead a return to what I love and what has been missing these past weeks - dancing, the outdoors, reading novels, time with dear ones, writing.

These things don't last, either.
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