Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Days 4-5: Hunchun

The last couple days have been spent eating a lot of food and learning a lot of words. WCS did a survey in 2009 that had a TON of great information come out of it, stuff that definitely would inform my own work. So for the last two days I've been translating.  It turns out, the return on this work has been 1) improved language skills and 2) a better understanding of the speaking style, vocabulary and concerns of the people living in the villages around Hunchun.  It's amazing that after almost 20 hours of translation work, I still haven't felt any of it was tedious or boring.

Yesterday I went to register at the police station. Before we went I had to have my picture taken. I'll post it later, but it's pretty funny. I thought I'd just go in there as my usually scruffed up self, hair all awry, with my fleece jacket on. The place we went was an actual photographer's studio though, so before the girl took my picture she kept trying to smooth out my hair, and fix my jacket collar. When I got the photos back, not only was I about 10 shades paler (like my skin had never seen the sunlight) but also had perfectly smooth hair. How she did this, I may never know.

Registering was easy enough, and fortunately Tony shepherded me through the process. I now have a very official piece of paper saying I am allowed to live in Hunchun.

After lunch we pulled weeds in the yard for a bit, and then Tony took the dandelions and made Mel and I little bouquets. Our neighbor's yard is so spotless that it makes me want to spend all weekend cleaning up our own yard. Yesterday morning Mel and I attacked the kitchen and cleaned the bottom half of it. For an hour and a half! I swear those floors and cabinets hadn't been mopped for ages - there was actually an accumulation of crud along the bottom moulding of every cabinet. Bleeechhhh. 
Next up we'll attack the area above the counter, which is literally sticky with accumulated oil. Bleeeecchh times two.

I believe we are intending to finish up and translate the surveys so we can go into the field to pre-test on Friday. 
Tags: travel - asia
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