Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

The beginning of simplicity.

I am breathing at last, more from the impending openness of my schedule than from any sense of calm the past few days. There's no such thing as a weekend - I drift from team meeting to team meeting and work in between to prepare for the next team meeting. MP drafts due today, it is the last two days of Spring Term 1. Joe sends us an email: "One term left. Make it count."

The weather has turned strange, alternating between sunny 70-degree warmth that brings forth tree buds and birdsong, and damp 45-degree gray that drops a shroud over everyone. 

I get an email yesterday from a woman who is willing to foster Chunky. I almost don't want to call her - not because we don't want a foster home for her, but because I know I'll miss the way she runs down the driveway to meet my car every time I come home.

There is so much happening every day, and as the events pass I tell myself, "I should write about that." But the thought happens as I  drive from one thing to the next. I need to let some sense of quality go, I think. It will be better to record it, to get it down, than to feel the press of perfectionism grinding it out of existence.  So.. I hope this short and simple entry is the beginning of that.
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